Construction and Plans

Update: March 4, 2010
Progress so far and the Plans for completion

The outer structure for the main new temple is almost complete. The next stage is for the plastering of the walls, and for the laying of the flooring and the construction of the roof. The shrine and decoration of the temple must also be done. Lama Kunzang Dorjee Rinpoche has already designed the layout for the assembly hall. There will be a Vajrakīlaya statue in the centre of the shrine, with all the deities of his retinue. They will be surrounded by statues of the other members of the group of the eight most special Nyingma deities for spiritual transformation (the sgrub-pa bka'-brgyad). A Guru Rinpoche image will be placed in front, with his retinue of the five wisdom ḍakinīs or female deities, and also the eight aspects or emanations of the Guru (guru mtshan brgyad). The shrine to the right will have a statue of the Buddha Śakyamuni, along with the eight great bodhisattvas. The wall painting on the right will illustrate the Great Deeds of the Buddha's life. The lefthand shrine will feature images of the eight vidyādharas or Bearers of Pure Awareness, depicted in heruka style, with the Khandro Lé-kyi Ong-mo (Las kyi dbang mo), Queen of Action, in the centre. In accounts of the transmission of the Vajrakīlaya practice, Khandro Lé-kyi Ong-mo is said to have received the teaching from the deity himself. She then passed on the transmissions of the eight most special Nyingma deities to the eight Indian vidyādharas, including teaching Vajrakīlaya to Padmasambhava. Despite her centrality to the Vajrakīlaya tradition, images of Khandro Lé-kyi Ong-mo are very rare. The wall painting on the left will illustrate Guru Rinpoche's principal Great Deeds, eleven in India and eleven in Tibet.

Construction Plans:

A Main Temple, Classrooms/Hostels and Kitchen will all be built.
We are looking at educating and providing shelter and food for at least one hundred monks.

Below are artist renderings and detailed plans for Pema Yoedling.
First, a conceptual rendering of the finished Pema Yoedling:

Below is a sideview of Pema Yoedling:

Below is a Site Plan for Pema Yoedling:

Below is an artist's rendering of Pema Yoedling:

The following are links to PDFs detailing plans for Pema Yoedling monastery:
Gelephu Site Plan
Plan for Lhakhang
Side Elevation picture for Temple
Back Elevation picture for Temple
Front Elevation picture for Temple
Layout for Hostel
Hostel Elevation picture
Hostel SEC

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Below is a photo of Jangsa Monastery in Kalimpong, India:


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